Ist die Arbeit Gefährlich?

2002 | This work was produced during an artist residency in Schwabisch Hall, Germany. Schwabisch Hall is a walled medieval town with a long history of association with the salt trade. Ist die Arbeit Gefahrlich? [Is the Work Dangerous?] utilized salt, a historically and ritually significant material, in combination with phrases taken from a German-English tourist phrase book to construct a simple interventionist work, from the perspective of a visitor, in the context of an historically and culturally rich small Bavarian town. 

Translations —

  • You are an angel sent from God. [Sie sind Ein Engel von Gott gesandt.]

  • I would like to speak for three minutes. [Ich möchte drei Minuten lang sprechen.]

  • Let’s just be friends. [Wir kömmen doch einfach Freunde sein.]

  • I believe in extra-terrestrial life. [Ich glaube an Leben im Weltall.]

  • Do I need a guide? [Brauche ich einen Führer?]

  • I was born here. [Ich bin hier geboren.]

  • I am worried. [Ich mache mir sorgen.]